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I was beyond thrilled when Rachelle called me to shoot her and her friends before their prom, and because she’s such a sweet and special girl I couldn’t possibly release these pics without a quick little story first.

I’ve known Rachelle for years, ever since my daughter rode the bus with her in elementary school – Tatiana was in grade 1 when they met and Rachelle was in grade 6, so practically a grown-up in Tatiana’s eyes. For months Tatiana would come home from school and tell me about this beautiful girl on her bus, who looked like a princess, and was really nice to her – she talked about her so much that first year that I felt like I already knew Rachelle by the time we eventually met. I absolutely loved that Tatiana had such a great role model at such a young age, so hugs to you Rachelle, your influence on Tatiana will always mean the world to us. Her eyes still light up when I mention your name.

You were absolutely stunning Rachelle, and I wish you and your friends the best as you start the next chapter in your lives!

Rachelle’s little brother McLaren.
Here’s Rachelle and her date, aren’t they gorgeous together?