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Monthly Archives: September 2010

California Dreaming – Historic Old Town

Old Town (aka Little Mexico) is the location of the first settlement in California, and I looooved this place so much that I went back a second time during my 4 day stay. So much to photograph – the buildings, details, people, animals, I couldn’t get enough of it.

Homeless, broke and “ugly too”. Such a sweet man. Look at the humour in his eyes.
Pedro is somewhat famous here, known as the Chicken Man. He hangs around town and his little pet chicken rides around “bareback” on one of his dogs. What. A. Sight. I’ve never seen so many people stop, stare, laugh and then get their cameras out. I hope he makes good tips, he’s worth every penny.
I didn’t have any small bills on me when I met Pedro and told him I would come back and find him later in the day. When I did, he handed me this rose made from a palm leaf. Love.
I just had to stop first to photograph this woman’s stunning hair, and then her cute little kids who were sitting on the sidewalk eating jaw breakers and playing with whoopee cushions. Such a great moment.
Professor Chuck Ambers, proud owner of a museum that features African-Spanish, African-Mexican and African-American heritage. I wish I’d had more time to spend with him. He had the most vibrant personality and was so passionate about his work.
This is El Campo Santo Cemetery, established in 1849. The cemetery’s boundries were pushed in roughly 20 feet during Old Town’s turn-of-the-century development, leaving bodies buried in the ground outside the walls that were set in place in the 1930′s. When the road was repaved in 1993, small brass plaques were embedded into various locations on the pavement outside the cemetery to mark the grave sites beneath the road.

I happened to spot this gorgeous little boy walking by with his family while I was eating my dinner on a patio. Sometimes there’s just a certain something about a person that makes me want to take their portrait. I can’t explain it, but I knew if I wasn’t able to take a picture of this little boy the missed opportunity would have stayed in my mind forever. It took me an hour to find them afterward and his Mom graciously let me take a few pics. How gorgeous is his sun-streaked hair? And those eyes… I couldn’t resist asking for my picture to be taken with him too, so thanks Dakotah, it was a perfect ending to my visit to Old Town.