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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Melissa & Ryan Married!

First of all please forgive me in advance – this post is a little longer than normal but it just can’t be helped. Melissa & Ryan’s wedding was without a doubt, the most incredibly crazy hilarious epic beautiful wedding I’ve ever shot – a photographer’s dream.

Did I stay out too late? Yup. Did I have a little too much fun? Yup. Was I tempted to stick around for the skinny dipping at 2:00am? I was. Because the day was so hot we might as well have been in the Amazon Rainforest. And the heat actually added another dimension, for lack of a better word, to the end of the night pictures as you’ll see.

I could go on and on and on but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thank you so so so much Melissa & Ryan for choosing me to cover your awesomely incredible day. And a big kiss to my new best friend Alan, for just being you. Love you guys!! xo

So, the wedding took place at one of the most majestic properties I’ve ever been to, Seldom Seen Farm. I first saw the property last year when my man Charles, who was doing some tree work there, couldn’t resist bringing me over one night to show me. There’s an amazing almost spiritual vibe on this property, and when I was invited by the property manager to tour the house 2 weeks before the wedding, my heart literally stopped. And it’s still pounding when I think about it. Serious.

The house is so whimsical that I couldn’t resist placing Melissa’s dress in various rooms.

I made this pic with film (anyone remember film?) on my brand new plastic toy camera, a Diana F. I forgot to wind the film and so got an unintentional double-exposure, or triple maybe, I’m not sure. It’s got everything in it including the kitchen sink and I’m not even sure why I would have taken a picture of the kitchen sink in the first place. Must’ve been the heat.

Did I mention how hot it was that day?
Melissa had 2 Maids of Honour, Alan & Tina. They’re so calm here. You’ll see their personalities shine through at the end of the post though ;)
I love this pic snapped by Char Loro, the force of nature behind Lovehard. Char’s an incredible and artistic indie videographer and Lovehard is her video production company. I’ll be posting her video of the wedding soon, stay tuned!
Ryan’s brother is actually a rock star in real life.
I never do jump shots but this wedding called for a jump shot.
Melissa was absolutely stunning – I could have photographed her for days.
And Ryan of course was extremely handsome…
LOVED the retro kitchen!
Here’s another wonky accidentally double-exposed Diana F pic. I love this one too.
The party started off not with a bang, but with THUNDER. Immediately after we finished the formal pics in the house, AC/DC’s Thunderstruck shot out of the DJ’s speakers at at volume that was practically illegal – I’m sure it was heard 10 miles away. Melissa & Ryan went flying out of the house and down the hill for their first sort of unofficial wedding dance. I didn’t have time to put my shoes on to follow them down to the tent (there’s yours truly in the background and I secretly love accidentally getting in wedding pics). In fact I spent most of the evening shooting barefoot because I figured if most of the guests were sans shoes, then hey, why not? Heaven on earth.

The hand-made details were simple and heatfelt, the BBQ dinner was mouth-watering and I’m now officially hooked on potatoe sundaes.
Cupcakes! OK I confess, I ate more than one. As usual ;)
Melissa & Ryan’s first official dance was just as electrifying as the AC/DC dance.

And so it began…..

The insanity happened so fast that I literally could barely keep up with what was going on. My head was spinning, my eyes were popping out of my head. I didn’t even have time to adjust my camera settings for some of the images, and so they’re blurry, but I do think they give the entire spectacle that certain type of special “feel”.

Some of the guests were levitating…
Including the bride and groom.
Melissa’s dress was even magically transformed into a flowing side-split, accessorized by I think Ryan’s belt.
Some of the guests were even picking up their fellow human beings and spinning them around at 90 mph before dropping them or falling on them. I’ve never witnessed anything like this. It was a war zone of happyness and partyness.
Here’s another wipeout.

This is the last shot I made on my way out – Melissa and her Maid of Honour running full tilt away from all the action. Not sure where they were headed, not sure I want to know…

I’d heard rumours all night about some of the guests heading to the lake for some skinny dipping after all was said and done. I really had planned on going with them (sans camera) but after almost 11 hours of doing some “serious photojournalism”, I just wanted to go home and crash. At least I’ve got evidence, this pic borrowed from Char’s Facebook page, taken by her friend Simi.

In ending, I received the best guest comment (compliment?) ever from the boy Maid of Honour.

“When I get married you’re going to do my fucking wedding!!”

Thanks Alan, I heart you so much.