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California Dreaming – Feather Love Photography Artist’s Workshop

I don’t even know where to begin with this post.

Let’s just say that my little pilgrimage down to California was well worth it – way more than worth it. Feather Love Photography’s Artist Workshop literally blew my mind, the day couldn’t have been more perfect. Hanging with Noa at her gorgeous home, meeting two sweet and very talented photographers Kristen & Vanessa (check out their fantastic blog posts, so amazing to see different takes on the workshop), the delicious meals and the apricot beer and ohhh those cupcakes (thanks Kristen!), getting to see Noa in action at the wicked photo shoot at the end of the day, those glorious models Amanda & Jason and all the little things in between. So this is how a Feather Love Photography Workshop goes. I want to live in California so I can go to all of them.

And Noa? Here’s what I now know about one of my most favourite photographers ever. She’s really sweet. She’s even more gorgeous in person. She has a wicked accent. She’s very spiritual and so down to earth. And incredibly passionate about life. She’s a power house. She’s about as authentic as you can get. She’s so well spoken, I could listen to her forever.

Noa was born an artist, and I don’t think she knew this but she was also also born to teach. Considering that this was her very first (of many more I’m sure) workshop, it was perfection.

Here are just a few of Noa’s quotes that I loved:

“The best thing about life is that you can kinda just do whatever the damn hell you want to”.

“Dad always told me that when you come to a fork in the road, always take the path less traveled, the scary, dark path that you have no idea where it will lead. That’s the one that’s going to teach you something”.

“Nobody ever got anywhere by being concerned about what other people think”

And a direct quote she gave us from her father, Sydney, also a photographer. I just love this:

“Photography is cruel. It is frozen. Life is motion and I want to make my photography portray the sound and feeling of the moment”.

So let’s just say that doing Noa’s workshop has had a profound effect on me. I’ve gained some new insights about myself and my art and have been inspired. Thank you SO much Noa Azoulay-Sclater! Until we meet again…xoxo

My notebook :)

I was blown away when we met Amanda & Jason for the afternoon shoot .

Amanda & Jason have to be one of the most dynamically creative couples I’ve ever met. Amanda tells me they’ve been together for almost 6 years, their gorgeous house that I was so obsessed with (you’ll see why) was built in 1908 and that she’s crazy about collecting everything old, usually from the 1940′s to the 1960′s. The weirder the better she says. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Amanda works for a high end online vintage clothing boutique called Wear It Again Sam. She does all the modelling, web graphics and sales. Check it out, the stuff is gorgeous. She also designs her own line of jewellery under the name of House of Magenta Tarantula. There’s more. Amanda is a vintage-styled singer (1960′s soul and 1950′s lounge styles) and was the lead singer in a soul / garage band for 6 years called The Viewmasters. And last but not least, she’s a burlesque performer, stage name Miss Dixie Von Trixie, has been performing since 2003 and founded Sultry Savage Burlesque of San Diego. She loves her cat Iris (whom you’ll meet here), and also likes to take pictures of anything and everything with her Canon Rebel. As for Jason, he has his own handyman business called Armadillo Handyman and Landscaping. He’s also the lead singer and guitar player in a vintage styled country band called the Bartender’s Bible. And he plays rhythm guitar for the indie low rider stoner band Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects.

Wow. I am speechless.

And to top it all off, how amazing was it to watch Noa in action and get to take a few pics of the shoot too? So very amazing.

I love this pic of Noa in her super-sexy shooting mode. How gorgeous is Amanda? Here’s Iris, the cat who works it when there’s a camera pointed at her, I’m not kidding. Back to Noa’s place… I just had to do a self-portrait in that famous mirror of hers that you may have seen used in some of her images.

Kristin - So wonderful and fun reliving the day again! You're pictures are so so lovely! Love 'em! I especially love the image of Noa driving, Jason and Amanda at their door and the individuals of them and the one of Iris!! Such a great cat! It is interesting to see the different images we all captured.

Vanessa - I love this Lee Anne!!! So great! Ditto what Kristen said about the driving pictures, it really put the whole day back together for me again. Can't wait to see more of your work in the future!! :)

noa (feather love photography) - I love love love this post so much!! I totally cried when I read your sweet words.. thank you love! And that pic of Amanda, the portrait is INSANE!!!! Gorgeous work! xoxo

Trudy - Love this work Lee Anne - screen door shot is amazing but the best are the photos of the photographer - feel like I kinda know her.

Sunny - Really love your eye, Lee Anne. And thanks for sharing those quotes. I love the one about taking the darker path. I'm glad you were feeling nostalgic! I would have hated to miss this post!

roryamber - That was fun, I remember this when you first posted it. The one where Noa is putting her camera on her shoulder totally stuck in my head the first time round for some reason. It's one of those in between moments, I love that.

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